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Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Cheese or not to Cheese?

Welll...the day after i wrote my first post (because it was at night), i tried to wean myself off milk. Well, it turns out that these Carnation Instant Breakfast thingies have milk in them, so i decided to find something else. Only there was nothing else. So i had a Carnation with soymilk. I could barely finish it , but that's not the point i'm making. THe point is that after that, i considered vegan day #1 blown, and went ahead and had...what was it...something cheesy. and i knwo that wasn't the original plan, have one purely vegan day a week, but i thought for awhile about starting doing it that way- one day a week for a few weeks, then going to two, three, etc., til i was vegan for six or seven days a week. But i'm still not sure if that's wiser than doing the weaning thing, so i think i might do both. You know, one day of no milk, then the next day two, then three, but that seems like it would take way too long. but on the other hand, what's my alternative? Plunging right into the fucker? then i would have more serious and harder to bypass cravings, which would mean a higher possibility of cheating. Oh, hell, i don't know. this is harder than a web page or a few fellow peta members would have me believe. ;)

I guess what i'll do, from tomorrow onward (since it's eleven thiry), is i'll start out the day saying, no milk! and i'll do that as best as i can. But the thing about milk is, is i don't drink it. so should i start out with cheese? I can't start out with cheese, i still have a half a bar of cheddar in the fridge. and i'm not telling my mom i'm going vegan (as in, can you eat my cheese? i'm going vegan.) until i already am. Less possibility of her trying to make me eat dairy if she realizes i've already gone dairy-free right under her nose! And that's good, too, starting out slow, with milk. so i'll go a few days milk-less, maybe a week or two, then i'll start cutting down on cheese. hopefully, by the end of the week, i'll only be eating cheese at one meal a week. Then, i'd like to cut down on my cheese intake from 6 or 7 days to 1 day a week. that i can be satisfied with for now. Next thing on my list will be eggs. But i think i have enough mapped out for now.
Whew. Wish me luck!

p.s.- what the hell am i gonna do with all those carnations?! My mom just bought be a box! Anybody want some free breakfast drink mixes?

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